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Help/Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I find a particular person?

A. There are a number of ways, but the search function provides the most straight forward method. The advanced search form allows you to enter information about the individual you’re looking for and presents you with a list of possible matches from the database.

You might also want to try looking at the surnames in the database if you don’t have a clear picture of who you’re looking for.

Q. How do I find an individual’s ancestors?

A. The individual's page shows his/her parents, spouse(s) and children. To see a pedigree chart (a graphical representation of the individual's ancestors select the ancestors tab from the menu bar below the person's name (see below). When the ancestors tab is selected there are a number of formatting options including the number of generations to show and various formats for the information to be displayed.


Q. What if I want to see an individual’s descendants?

A. The tab marked Descendants can be used to display the descendants of an individual. There are a couple of different formats that descendants can be displayed. You can switch between the Standard and Register format to display the information the way that works best for you.


Q. Is there a way to tell if two individuals are related?

A. Yes, the Relationship tab will show a graphical display of the relationship between two people. To use this function, locate the first individual and then select the Relationship tab. This person will automatically be selected as Person 1. Then use the find button to the right of Person 1 to locate the second person. Once you have the two people selected click the calculate button to display their relationship.


Q. The Timeline function looks interesting, what is it?

A. A timeline is displayed for an individual when the Timeline tab is clicked. The time line shows important events that occurred during the life of an individual or a group of individuals. You can add additional persons to see graphically how they overlapped in time.

Q. How do I make suggestions for corrections or additions?

A. In order to maintain the integrity of the database, I do not allow anyone to make permanent changes directly on-line. However, there are two ways in which you can suggest changes or corrections.

  1. You can send me suggestions for corrections, updates, comments or any other information by selecting the Suggestions tab (at the right end of the control bar), which will send me an email. Information on which individual you are referencing is automatically attached to the message when you make a suggestion using the Suggestion tab. I will evaluate the suggestion and, if appropriate, will include it in the next update to the site.
  2. Some fields are editable. These fields have an edit icon Suggest a change for this event next to them. Clicking on the icon brings up an edit dialog window where you can enter the suggested change. Please include an explanation in the comment field if appropriate. The change is subject to approval by me and therefore will not appear in the on-line display until I approve it. To speed that process up, send me an email to tell be that you have made an edit, so that I will look at it right away.

Both of these are privileges associated with your login credentials, so you may not have the rights to do this.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to make suggestions. I particularly like to get photos, either old or current, of either individuals or places.

Q. How can I contact you?

A. You can either send an email to or click on the "contact us" link on the home page.

Q. Is there a way to print the display without all the headers and icons?

Yes, just click on the Print link locate above the control tabs. A format that is simplified for printing is presented and you can use the print function of you browser to print the page.

Q. What are the three drop down boxes for that are located on the upper right of the page?

A. These let you access additional information that is contained in the database. You can hover your mouse pointer over each to see the types of detailed information that is available on the site. Note, the site is still expanding and some of the items may take you to areas where we are still working.